Little things

There is such a thing as slowing down of the human brain. Being a spoilt Gen Y’er I am often confronted with the onerous tasks of finding some apt means of entertaining myself. The ability to get what you want doesnt decrease the desire to have more. Instead it only increases the lust for material objects, while decreasing a person’s natural curiosity/creativity in getting it.

In the olden days (think back to no TV, no ownership of motor vehicles, etc) if you didn’t have a thing, you just made do without it. Now how ever, if you don’t have something, you have plenty of means to go and get it, because, it exists. There’s no such thing as “making do without” anymore. I truly believe this philosophy is retarding the general population into slow thinking sluggish imbeciles.

We never have to think too hard or too far about anything anymore. Can’t buy a car, get a loan. Can’t find a date, pimp yourself on lava life. Can’t make friends, sign up to a “dinner and socialising” club. Can’t pass exams, pay someone to do the unit for you. I mean, its all so expendible and so cheap.

Goner are the days when quality meant you only bought that item ONCE in your life. Craftsmenship meant you could take someone at their word and get what you paid for.

These days, everything is accessible to everyone. Fashion is not only for high society or those in the know. Wanna look good? No worries! Go and get the latest and most expensive make up, applicators, clothing and accessories. The only real difference you see now is those who can put an outfit together to look good and those that can only spend money to try and make themselves look like everyone else.

Where’s the distinction in that? We’re all so mass produced, and we love it.

Coffee is now enjoyed by all. Apparently everyone is savvy on the flavours and types of coffees you can purchase. All food is available to all to be enjoyed and critiqued. We have everything, literally at our fingertips and still mediocrity is the trend of the century.

It’s nice to have less and get pleasure from the little things in life by keeping luxuries foreign to your wardrobe. Sometimes belting out a tune on SingStar with some mates can give you more joy than booking an expensive holiday to a super awesome location and staying at a super awesome resort with your mediocre mates.

I’m not a bah humbug. I’m just someone who thinks we should all start concentrating on the increasing accessibility of everything. Where does it all leave us? Bloated with the good stuff. Over saturated with other people’s ideas on life and completely devoid of any real sense of our selves.


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