Marriage, Part 7: Love

Falling in love.

There’s no need to fall in love or to look for love when contemplating marriage.

Perfectly good partnerships have been formed over a lack of romantic love. Though Austenique in my approach I do maintain that the current version of love is nothing more than a fleeting fantasy created by writers of screenplays and novellas. I don’t see how the marriage requires love. Affection, I can understand, but love is an entirely different thing.

I love my family. I love my sisters and even some of my friends.

Do I really need to love the man I marry? Can’t we have separate lives and conduct this very much like a business transaction, the way they used to back in the day of Ms Austen?

Love is soooo overrated. And it doesn’t last. Ask Jackie Collins.


10 thoughts on “Marriage, Part 7: Love

  1. So divorce shouldn’t be so frowned upon then right? Love is definitely overrated but perhaps marriage in and of itself is as well. Why should a person who can live life perfectly happily without resorting to sexual gratification have to marry to begin with?

    [/Thinking aloud]

  2. how boring a loveless marriage. i would rather not be married than endure a loveless marriage, a marriage of convenience. what is the point if you have never experienced perhaps one of the most inexplicable feelings in the world? Would you really be ok with being Elizabeths dear friend than be Elizabeth herself?

  3. Oooh, it’s a long time since I’ve discovered a blog I like alot. From the template to the content to the style of writing. I like.

    Aah, to be Elizabeth Bennett.

    I agree, love comes after marriage. Lust and affection before.

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