Marriage, Part 8: The Others

Why is it that whenever someone talks about the marital status of women that have gone past their “prime years”, it’s always in negative terms? Has anyone else noticed this? Such and such’s daugthers are still single, shame, they’re trying very hard. It’s like the girl’s got a disease and these poor parents (and the rest of the helpful community folk) have gone from pillar to post finding the cure. There’s a very serious “oh” that follows suit once people find out that a 35 year old woman is still single. It disturbs them and their reaction disturbs me.

First of, what is it about marriage that makes the person more… Human?

They do not have a disease if they are not married. Although some might, in which case, they’re going through some serious issues and I don’t think you or anyone else should pity them.

Why must we always hear horror stories of women that have been too picky in their youths and are now 35 and unmarried? It doesn’t seem persuasive to me to be told stories of such people. I for whatever reason, never seem to hear these stories about men that never married. This idiotic focus on single women bothers me. In fact, this entire discussion offends me. In the interest of opening minds, I will soldier on however and continue to rant open up this intelligent discussion.

Are we so choked up by our base motivations that we can only speak about other people in negative ways if they do things differently to us? Has anyone ever asked the question, hey, are these women happy with their lives? And hey, what exactly does being married bring to your life, other than other people and responsibility? And like, hey, hello, live your own life rather than analysing other people in the dirty petri dish of your biases.

The way the oldies carry on about single adults you’d think there was a decree declaring all men and women will be married in their lifetime. Who decided that this was the case? There are such cases in the world where people don’t marry. It’s not even that uncommon. Why then do I need to be told about the heartbreak suffered by the pitiful parents struggling to get their “girls” married? WHY? Grr! It makes me a little bit irate only perpetuating the frustrating belief that Marriage = Success.

Here’s an idea. Once I get married, I’ll shoot myself. Because obviously, there’s NOTHING LEFT in life to achieve or do after the ring is on.

Sound like a plan?


3 thoughts on “Marriage, Part 8: The Others

  1. hahaha

    this is one of the smartest post i have come across in the longest time.
    Jane Austen knew it a couple of hundred years ago and totally promoted marrying for money. Now we have come full circle.

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