Literary Theatre (Part 1)

So here it is – the final product. You get to vote on the better ending. Or, write your own 🙂

On a miserable winter day the sun rose but behind angry grey clouds. David awoke to discover the pit in his stomach was still there from the night before, and the one before, and the one before that.

 “It’s like the sun goes away when you’re not here,
It’s like its only grey when you’re not with me…” 

Chimed the radio in the neighbour’s garage. 

David dragged his limbs out of bed with the effort of a million men struggling against the Great Wall, caught his misery in his reflection and walked out grabbing his keys and wallet. 

He didn’t know quite when he got there or how long he’d been sitting in his chair at work staring sternly at a screen with no words. A sudden screech of the emergency alarm invoked the usual laments from the crowd as the fire wardens upheld their duties. David got up, ambled out and then realised an urgent need to get to the top of the building. There was ample time and this was the perfect opportunity. The darkness was coming to an end and David could not wait any longer. He scurried between people and pushed his way up the emergency stair case instead of down. 

Pushing and shoving, David ran to the top and pushed open the emergency exit door to his salvation. 

Breathing in heavily the fresh crisp air of his soon to be proclaimed freedom David staggered his way to the edge of the rooftop. The bitter morning wind clipped his ears and he grinned clutching even harder to the railing. Experiencing what he first understood to be the dizzy ecstasy of his newly achieved nirvana, David loosened his grip and rocked back clumsily. Nights flashed into days and his misery repeated itself in one violent and uncontrollable moving picture as he struggled to stand upright. Faster and faster, his mind’s rollercoaster spun him through the nightmares of lives past. 

David rocked, staggered, stumbled and cried out in cathartic passion as the heat of his emotions took control. Then to serve the final poignant punch her face stretched out over the screen of his murky imagination. David lost all semblance of control and fell backward slamming hard onto the cold wind swept floor.

Either through fate or the vigilance of his colleagues, David’s hysterics did not go unnoticed. Minutes after he hit the floor, the building wardens swooped in on David’s convulsing heap rummaging for his vital signs. Concussed and flirting with his demise, David was mounted onto the stretcher and rushed to the ER.

Ending 1
Years down the passage way of life, all David remembered was the face of the young girl who ran to his assistance on that fateful day in winter. He struggled to find her and thank her for her timeliness and grace but could only console himself with the strength and memory of her concern.

Ending 2
As the ambulance grumbled out of the building perimeter, stunned crowds cleared to reveal the informant of the incident standing shell shocked and alone. With a million thoughts rushing through her mind M blinked hard struggling to accept the reality of the day’s events. Moving slowly she was absorbed into the crowd of spectators making their way back to normality, fighting her curiosity and consoling her relief.]


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