My Fault

I’m getting a little tired of the over arching philosophy people spout when explaining the faults of others. I’m sick of being told that whenever I take issue with something, it’s actually a perception fault on my part. Manage your own expectations I get told, repeatedly. Here’s a question, if all there is to life is to manage your OWN expectations, why do even have expectations off other people? How does that work?

In a relationship, romantic or otherwise, is there not SOME – TINY – LITTLE part that the other party have in raising your expectations in the first place? And as such, does it not stand to reason that THEY should be held accountable for THAT part of the deal?

It’s easy to wax philosophical and tell me that Man is but a selfish being. I accept that I am on a soap box but is it only ever MY OWN responsibility to reflect and then act maturely and with reason? Because if that is the case, I see no purpose in communicating with another human being. Ever.


One thought on “My Fault

  1. people are people… you just gotta play you 🙂
    not as simple as it sounds in words but the mix to this unattaionable phase is to block your listening and just hear it on!

    i have perfected it over the years and then obviously i keep my reciattion of astaghfaar on the roll and guess what, i still communicate with a lot of people and find no reason to piss myself off !!

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