Maryam’s Keenly Observed Facts of Life (Part 67)

You can understand something through Love and you can understand the same thing through Fear. There is a world of difference between the two.


7 thoughts on “Maryam’s Keenly Observed Facts of Life (Part 67)

  1. most days most ppl use fear to teach you stuff. Most days what youre taught outta love is undermined by what youre taught out of fear. unless youre an idealist. 😛

  2. Religion is exactly what I was thinking. I don’t remember much of my early religious education – but my theory is, in the old days, they had this “fear” approach – and it was more parrot-fashion (i.e. memorize / learn without knowing WHY, or understanding).

    And now, I think the teaching contains a lot more explanation – and, hopefully, teaching with more of a focus on the “love” aspect – rather than fear.

    We’re supposed to balance between hope and fear – so surely the way we teach should also be balanced?

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