Marriage Part 8: Boredom

Recently (yesterday), I realised that out of the 200 contacts in my phone book I can only deign to spend time with 4. I suppose that’s not such a bad thing when you consider most people are tarded.

I also realised that I’m over a lot of things in my life like music, tv (God, I hate TV), shopping, picking on the ethnics in town on a Friday night, discussing other people’s problems, finding solutions to world hunger (no, wait, I’m still into this), eating out, “doing coffee” and just the general humdrum that reverberates the quiet corridors of an average mind. Work, study, home, monkeys. That’s all I got these days.

Don’t get me wrong I love having some time on my hands after a crazy few months BUT it’s just given rise to the realisation I keep pushing to the back of my head that I am perhaps a little bit bored with my world as it stands. I don’t know why there aren’t a lot of people that maintain my interest any more (or rather… have ever maintained my interest). What is so good about me that I can’t call any one of the other 196 people in my contact book and arrange a night out? They are perfectly good, happy people. And they’re stupid.

In the same vein, reading doesn’t appeal to me because most books are not anywhere near as engaging as I require them to be. I suppose the fact is, the world isn’t a boring place but right now, my world, as full of opportunity as it is, is!

What do I want to pursue? Not much. Infact, this week I’ve given serious thought to a life without full time work. What’s a career. Balls to that. What are friends? Balls to them too. They’re all married. What’s study? Another way to shut yourself from the world. I had creative energies. Now I don’t. Nuts.

To combat this horrid lull my ingenious mind, a keen pupil of the school of optimism has lobbied an idea into my heart.

I should get married!

This way I can inherit the entire social capital of someone I barely know! Think of all the new people I could meet and reject! What a novel way of resolving my existing dilemma! Yay! I’m sure the process of discovery will last at least 3 to 4 years? Even if it lasts 2, at least we’re out of the current jam and then, in another 2 years time, I’ll pick a fight with him, we’ll break up, I’ll go traveling around the world, meet someone new and do it all over again! Maybe this time, he’ll have loads of money so I can set up the institutes I want!

Go ahead, call me a pragmatist. It’s not such a bad word.


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