guilty. charged.

sometimes i’d like to be the only one without a clue in my life.

i understand that as you get older you get to make your own decisions and that means you handle your own consequences but sometimes, it would help my life immensely to not have to make all the decisions myself and not gather all the information to make those decisions my self.

sometimes i would like a little help. just for a brief momentary period, i would like people to stop needing something. wanting my attention. requiring my assistance. it would be gracefully appreciated if people around me just stepped up to the mark sometimes. helped me up when i’m falling short of being myself. figure it out when i can’t. steer the course when i don’t have the capacity to.

just. for. a. minute. portion. of. history.

please. give me a break.

after this historic event you can all go back to your needing and preoccupied lives.

this is all i’m asking for right now.


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