It’s a tiresome heat out there. The kind of heat that doesn’t allow you to think let alone breath. Your breath comes in short gasps because the sun is sucking the life out of you and your body is fighting back. It’s sweating. It’s breaking. You’re being reminded of whose in charge. It’s not you.

In this nightmare weather you’re striding down the terrace determined to get back into airconditioned comfort when you come across your usual Big Issue vendor. He’s smiling and peddling his product. He’s appealing not just to your mercy but to your consumerism so he can feed himself. He’s not just braving the weather, he’s giving it a run for its money. You’re struck by his determination and humbled by his need. As you marvel at his integrity you realise your own despicable ingratitude for God’s mercies. You can hear John Bradford whispering in your head, there, but for the grace of God, go I. You’re humbled. You’re ashamed. You buy an issue and still stop to get an ice cream thinking all the while why more people don’t help this fella out. As you head back up to the lazy comfort of your office building this realisation doesn’t leave you. It shouldn’t leave you.

You set out to be a better you.

5 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. Haha… That first paragraph made me grateful that its not as hot here in SG. And the second almost made me not want a job…. the keyword being almost.

    Waise on this damn island, you are either soaked in rain or in sweat, but you are always soaked to the bone. Its irritating and it disgusting. But hey, could be worse, I could be suffocating in hot air!!! Hahaha

  2. We has 2 days of heat here – but the max was 42 degrees Centigrade. Australia gets hotter than that?

    The issue of begging leaves me confused…as you’ll see in my newest post. I’d appreciate your opinion.

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