How Not To Woo Someone?

The trick about stuffing up just to get a chance to talk to Mr Hotty is that I won’t know his actual reaction.

Today I heated someone else’s lunch because the container was the same as mine. I gave it a good 2 minutes in the microwaves so it was quite warm. Our microwaves at work are crazy strong. The airconditioning, that’s another matter.

I’m hoping that its going to belong to Sexy Man but in hoping that I thought, what if he just thinks I’m a total fool? There go all of my chances!

Oh the conundrum!


13 thoughts on “How Not To Woo Someone?

  1. Funny. If I were in your place I’d be like ‘Darn it! I’m hungry for my food’, not caring who the lunch belonged to. lol.

  2. @H: Were you a bully in school by any chance?

    @farooqk: Of course she did! Dumbass! How else she’d know the difference between the HIS and the HERS when both of them looked the same!

    Google before asking dumbass questions.

    • Hey I was the aloof one… and I was also the one whose lunch always got eaten by the bullies… and by that logic you’d be the one eating it a.k.a bully!

      Argh crap…. I can already find so many holes in that logic…. Damn all the theses in the world! They actually make you dumber!

      • Ok, one second…my first comment was not about eating the other person’s lunch! I meant, I wouldn’t care whose lunch it was and would want MY lunch.
        Eww, why would I eat someone else’s lunch. Eww again.

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