Fight! Fight! Fight!

I fight dirty.

I’m also not afraid to fight. The rules are the same for anyone I’m in conflict with. You get chances and then you get beat.

As I’m becoming more aware of my behaviour and its impact on different people I’m trying to become more careful with my words and actions. If after all my considerations, you still decide to piss me off then mate, you better watch it.

If you’re a close friend, you’ll get hurt more because I’m very ruthless and I don’t really care what comes out of my mouth when I am angry. I swear when I’m angry. I lose the plot and if you can’t take that, don’t take me on.

When I’m cut, I do everything I can to remove myself from that person. This includes msn blocking. Immature? Sure. Effective? I don’t know. Does it make me feel better? Yes.

So there you have it. If you have angered me (and believe me it takes some serious moroning (yes, moron-ing) to have this effect on me) then you’d better prepare your armour because I will attack.

And it will hurt.


9 thoughts on “Fight! Fight! Fight!

    • actually, today i stood still on the escalator and I was able to apply my lip pencil before getting into work 🙂

      also i normally stand on escalators, but i stand to the left (the standing line). I never stand on the right (which is the walking line).

  1. I’m guilty of msn blocking more because i normally shut-up and don’t like talking to anyone when I’m angry. Try the silent treatment.

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