Sucky suck fest

Today ranting is me.

I don’t want the ONLY team member I get along with, the only one who knows what’s going on, what we should be doing v what we are doing, how to problem solve, and is worth talking to to leave my team. Why couldn’t I go first? Now all I’m left with is my team leader. WOOHOO! NOT! Currently I’m experiencing a high volume of angst. Not happy with this situation at all.

My work is bearable because he’s in my team. I don’t actually talk to the other two, but at least the other freak has already left the team for 3 months. The annoying part is I wanted to quit this team 2 weeks ago but my Manager was never available for that conversation. URGH!

I have this thing that I should either be awesome or be surrounded by awesome. In this tragic tale of cubicle clutter I’m afraid I’m meeting neither of these simple requirements. I put in for a training request only to be told requests should have been submitted ages ago. AGES AGO? WHEN THE F*K WAS THAT? Oh right, that was my team leader’s job to do. OH RIGHT THEN. GOOD FOR ME.

Now I’m waiting to be told what the flip is happening to this “team” and whether I’m getting any training or not. The upside is I make money.


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