You Are What You Speak

Isn’t it interesting the obsession people have with healthy eating but not with healthy living? I find it so shocking when I compare the shared obsession we have with what goes in our mouth to the total lack of committment to what comes out of it.

Every day confronts you with new facts about healthy eating habits that help fight cancer and other previously terminal diseases. Food exploration is a booming industry with companies like Kraft turning over USD1 billion and our local heroes Sanitarium following not too far behind with over AUD 300 million in profits. With figures like that, it’s no wonder most people now know about saturated fats, GI ratings and the effects of dairy on weight loss programs.

Weight loss has become marketable. It’s on television so you can witness as people compete to lose the most weight. Skinny models are getting skinnier and younger! But that’s another topic. Most teenagers know what GI means but they’d be pretty hard pressed to tell you where Canberra is.

What we have then is a society of nutrition savvy and still unhealthy, self obsessed people. Perhaps education should focuse more on the effect of your words and less on the effect of your dietary habits. Perhaps a coupling of the two educations will result in a more wholistic problem to the human condition. Perhaps an education on resource poor areas and the lack of nutrition in many parts of the world would open our eyes to the sickening comfort we enjoy.

These are just thoughts.


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