Freshly Pressed Sucks

The criteria for being chosen for WordPress’s Freshly Pressed page can be found here.

You need to read the criteria to understand the rest of this post.

I was under the impression that only people with something AMAZING to tell the world got featured on Freshly Pressed. I was obvioulsy wrong. How To Design Celtic Knotwork by Hand? Sorry my entries trump that 700 times.

The Freshly Pressed criteria also discriminates against (or favours certain) blog templates. Mine for example, doesn’t have room for pictures. This and “unique material” are the two criteria my blog may not fit but how do they know? Have they read my stuff? HMPH.

My headlines are Plenty catchy excuse me! I have categories, why do I need tags? And my content rarely has typos.

I’d much rather read about social issues and how to fix them than an entry by some guy telling Heaven where to put it.

*slams door shut*

*storms off*


9 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed Sucks

  1. right now you are like Louis Vuitton. Only a ~select~ few are worthy enough for your content. why do u wanna downgrade yourself to a convenient store?


  2. why take yourself so seriously? did you start this blog to make money like countless others, or is it just a hobby? Of course I have noted the biting cynicism…definitely not good for the soul…

  3. hi lionoah! welcome šŸ™‚

    i always find it amazing when people give me the sort of feedback you just have

    obviously the point of the post wasn’t made as clear to you as i had hoped it would have

    if freshly pressed was so crap, why would i care about being published on there? further note the childish “slams door shut” and “storms off” – i’m acting like a child – its a bit of a tongue and cheek look into the criteria for being published.

    On the one hand i’ve demonstrated that its actually not possible to get picked if you dont select the right template (my then template didnt make putting images in posts easy). On the other I’ve dissed the entries that do end up getting picked.

    I hope that’s clearer?

    ps: being selected on wordpress comes with no monetary advantage so not sure what you mean there?

  4. its far worse then that- really
    I found your post by googling freshly pressed sucks/
    you see they wont have anything controversial or political or even
    non-bland. They banned three of my blogs that dealt with crime
    . they are for any blog about globalism or travel by very young fresh blandoids.
    I resent them greatly after having my blogs taken down after almost three years of posting because of one mug shot of a female from Iran who wanted
    me gone and because I was actually trying to get the criminals arrested.
    it’s like being in the 50’s again, not about reality.
    If they let blogs alone I would ignore freshly pressed, but the fact that they are censoring is really really bad-
    and google does it too

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