A few weeks ago my colleagues and I were having a discussion on the various classifications of Metal as a music genre.

We discussed the difficulty of categorising so much of the music currently available and how there are new genres being created all the time. Some of us lamented the death of music that first created the genre, like Grunge and Heavy Metal.

The question on everyone’s lips was, What is Metal these days?

Someone from another team overheard this conversation and today sent me this simple drawing.


I love it so much, I wanted to share it with you all.

Rock on my friends.


14 thoughts on “Metal?

  1. speaking of pop lol hahahaha i remember there was a time when i was young and naive when i thought hilary duff was rock… then i found out it was pop rock. lol.

  2. thank you safi.

    fai – really? hilary duf? hahahahahahhaahha and then hahahahahahahha
    and then hahahahahahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    also – i loved the chart too 😀

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