I wrote this rather sad piece of prose and figured I should put it on my blog… i mean what’s the point of writing if you’re going to be too embarrassed to share it 😛

it’s almost as if my life had stood still until this moment. no meaning existed before this and no meaning can exist without. where was i and what was i doing? who was i? did anyone care?

my tangled web of emotion fuelled by a vacant fascination with affection tugs at your sensibilities. i’m exposed, in danger. you’re controlling this.i like that. there’s no fear just adventure. i like rollercoasters it turns out.

in my mind a myriad scenes create and uncreate as i shift the expectations building in my mind so they may match your reality. stupid, i know. how can i fake knowing you? but then, how can i say i don’t? i must’ve met you somewhere. maybe your consciousness has always existed in my mind and this is the manifestation of my dreams?

do all lovers sound inane? life is funny. but first you have to learn to laugh.


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