Maryam’s Guilty Little Secrets (Part 20)

I am lazier now than I was growing up.

It’s because of the Internet.


7 thoughts on “Maryam’s Guilty Little Secrets (Part 20)

  1. Actually – a little deprivation can have good results. For example, we moved house a few months back, and although we have a TV – we didn’t have any antenna or satellite dish in the new place. WHich means that we get no TV channels at all – and the only thing we can watch are DVDs (which are not the cheapest at the movie store in our area).

    Anyway – this lack of TV has forced us to start reading BOOKS again…much more often than we used to – and that’s awesome, for me – because i used to be a bookworm in days of old (long, long, long ago – that is).

    The thing is: when we become so ingrained in certain habits – things that occupy our time so frequently because they’re just a normal part of life – it can be difficult to see other things that would actually be better.

    Your choice of word – “lazy” – implies that you believe you can do more, or be more productive, if you didn’t use the Internet so much.

    So then, if you sat alone in an empty room / isolated from any distractions – and made a list of all the things you WANT to do (that are possible, at this point) – then do you think cutting down / totally leaving the Internet would enable you to do those things?

    Think about it…..

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