Finish the Sentence (Part 16)

This is from here.

Here are ten sentences to finish. Either finish the sentence or use it as a writing prompt to get going on a paragraph, a short story, or even a novel:

  1. As the boat sailed away from the port…the captain whistled his good mornings as the crew secured the exits.
  2. In her wildest imagination…she was the Queen and he was her slave. Minuscule, lowly and bent to her command.  Her imagination was rife with visions of grandeur and power reflecting the lack of control she had over her own her reality. Dr Nash had been seeing her now for just over three months and had started to really enjoy the mind jog sessions with her provided.
  3. With five destinations to go…Alex began wondering if approval awaited at the end of destination number five.
  4. Under the shade of the willows…lay an expectant teenager. Her mind filled with dreams of a magic filled summer. The more she thought about it, the faster her heart would beat and with every thought her breathing became faster untill she couldn’t contain herself for another moment. Ecstatic, she lept up and shouted, “I’m free!” sending the nearby birds to fly quickly away.
  5. On the fire escape…her hand brushed against his as they both reached down to  clean up the mess Alex had made earlier. It was unusual for her to be nervous as she was at that moment. Her eyes darted up and caught his but moved away before her body betrayed her thoughts. Or so she thought.
  6. Many thought Mrs. Smith was a witch…which wasn’t unusual in a town like Dysonberry where women religiously enacted rituals to ward off evil spirits.
  7. The hospital waiting room was full…of confused feelings and mixed emotions. The adults strode quietly holding themselves in while others sat and stared directly ahead of them pretending hard that nothing existed at that point. The children added a slightly more lifelike quality with their hushed giggles as the sound of the hospital provided toys made soft comforting noises.
  8. No one knew what happened on Old Creek Road…but that didn’t stop Rwanda, Joanie and Meesha from speculating. One lazy Sunday afternoon as they lounged around Meesha’s small bedroom, they fitted on varied and equally horrifying endings to the untold tale of Miss Eliza Jane and the Old Creek Road.
  9. As he opened the Sunday paper…the weekend lift out fell abruptly to the ground causing Jose to tut, put the paper down and reach all the way to his ankles to pick it up. He wasn’t used to doing things for himself, not even small things like answering the phone or getting a glass of water.
  10. In the snow, without a coat…and only his uggies ran Michael to meet his father’s carriage.

Ok now you try 🙂


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