Is Wisdom necessarily accompanied by Melancholy? Does the realisation of one necessarily mean housing shades of the other?

I see the downside of old age as the inability to  move past your disappointments. You don’t bounce back as readily as when you were younger and therefore more hopeful of, perhaps, more chances to prove yourself or achieve your desired prize. If then at a young age you already find it difficult to get past your difficulties and disappointments, you are told about the correcting effect of Wisdom. For if you have Wisdom, you won’t be upset at your current predicament, so on and so forth.

So why is it then that so many that are so wise are also so bitter/melancholy about the world around them?

Surely there is an experience that you gain through your years – not all of it translates to Wisdom but not all information translates to Knowledge.

There are so many half truths we tell ourselves to maintain ourselves inside our own ideas of normality. What does it mean then when our half truths are met by bold reality and smashed to pieces like the confidence of an already insecure youth? Is Wisdom the realisation that there is a higher truth than the ones we concoct for ourselves?

Is it another word for pacifying your remorse with feeble attempts at courage just to maintain your society?

Is it perhaps the name we give to whatever helps us get through the day without falling into a messy heap?

Or is Wisdom the sad realisation that this world is unjust and we simply must bide our time here before shipping off?

What is Wisdom and have you found it yet?


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