Marriage Part 13: Why Are My Parents Crying?

Marriage and it’s love/hate relationship with tears, here explained by the ever so eloquent Miss SomethingToBe.

Before a girl is married, her parents can often be heard crying to their friends and family about the distress this situation puts them in.

When a girl meets a man and brings her home to her parents, some accept happily and commence the nuptials process straight away while others cry even louder now that she’s met someone because, well, he wasn’t picked by them and he has a piercing.

Let’s say after long hours of pleading cries from both parties, the parents  yield and after a few months of making a square plug fit into a round mould said partner disappoints and nuptials are called off, even louder cries of exasperation and woe sound.

In a different circumstance, if a girl is proposed to but turns down a man that her parents liked, the out cry is of epic proportions.

In the happy circumstance where a girl is introduced to a guy who then proceed through to I Dos in a brief period parents embrace with with tears of love, joy, and serious gratitude running down their face.

When said girl is wed and sent away with her husband, there are still tears of joy but now mixed with sorrow, relief, apprehension and fatigue.

There is really no other place in the human life cycle where tears play such a duplicitous role.

So you’re telling me Marriage is a good thing? Ha! Try again.


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