i dont want to be old and boring. this is just how i  think. life’s not a big game to me. i’m not silly and i dont crave things. i have no lust for some big celebrity name. i dont have a list of things i want to do before i die. i dont have a fascination for traveling but i would love to go on a vacation now and then. my motivation isn’t spending money to make my self feel good (bar my shopping sprees). i think the world is degrading by the second and television is the real weapon of mass destruction. i like creativity and i want to be surrounded by happy people. facebook is the worst thing invented and i’m not sure what’s wrong with kids these days. i worry about my future, love, life and happiness. i think about things like, my kids, and their kids and what sort of life i’ll be leading when i’m 85. i worry about things that aren’t in my control but that affect my happiness. i try to be pragmatic and i try to stay positive. it doesnt mean i just give up and sometimes i think i hold on too tight.i want happiness and i want peace. i want it all and i think it’s possible. why isnt it? i dont like what most people like. i dont get bothered by what upsets most people and actually the things I notice, evade most ppl’s notice. i’m surrounded by so much short sightedness. i’m not addicted to shopping but i can’t do ‘budget’ spending. i like to have nice things. i have so much to give but i’m so dependent on social avenues of exploring the world. i’m not a loner but still i cherish my independence. there’s not a lot of enjoyment i find in running around the world chasing dreams. i like the solace of good company, be it one person. i feel so peculiar in my ways sometimes. there are so many things i dont understand so many strange people and fascinations. sometimes i think i’m the only one i know whose like me.


3 thoughts on “me

  1. Although your blog says “Something To Be” , but reading this makes me think that you are what you are and you are happy being ‘you’ 😛

  2. thank you Tauqeer… that actually means a lot, even though you’re a total stranger 🙂

    hina… ah that feeling when you can relate… thanks for your kind words 🙂

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