how are you supposed to love
when it hurts so much
is love supposed to mend
or is it supposed to cut?

how can the two coexist
inside one heart
is a heart made of steel
or is it made of glass?

if my love knows no bounds
does my heart know its part?

it expands, fills up
when it comes to the part
where a flicker of your praise
shines a light in my heart

it contracts, feels numb
when your words tear it apart

how do i love
when hurt’s the hardest part?


4 thoughts on “

  1. A little of everything is keeping me busy.

    My posts are currently in draft mode – I’m having a little trouble convincing myself to publish them publicly – maybe password protected in the next couple of weeks (which you will be allowed to read inshAllah) – for the same reason as your latest post – I can soooo relate (I’m going to comment on the current post with the same last four words)

  2. cool, looking forward to it
    i have always wondered why ppl put posts under lock and key

    is it really that intimate? are you naming names? areyou wanting to hide your posts from the ppl who read it? then why write it 🙂

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