a while ago

I wrote this a while ago but didnt feel it was good enough to post anywhere. I’ve since changed my mind – because this is better than antyhing i’ve recently written – ie nothing 🙂

why are words The worst way
of expressing what you’re trying to say

why do i get tangled up
why does my tongue betray

the emotions are so clear
i’m never without words to say

what i think or feel or know
its not fair

how do i make you stay?

encourage me to speak my mind
ask me what I mean to say
i can write you a song
i can write you a play

i’m smart like that…
just not playing today

there’s a strong protest
against the kinds of ways
my heart desires
the way it wants to share

whats going on inside…
you know what i’m tryin to say

i’m mumbling my words
shuffling on the spot
as you walk my way

like i never even knew
how to share my thoughts, views or demonstrate
the hopeless cause your sight has made

let’s make it easy
let’s pretend
i’ve said my part
and you understand

what throbs my heart
what shines the day

i’m glad we had this chat you know
its important coz you need to know
the bump your smile creates in my soul
its echoing
it goes deep you know

i’m trying so hard
to hold it in
i’m trying to not
fold it in

you’ve gotta let up
just let it go
lets end the rhyme
lets end this flow

i’m trying hard to walk away
to give it time
to give it space

so you understand
why i’m unable to stay

so you’ll know
what i’m trynna say

<why my tongue can’t describe   what i’m trying to say
when my heart starts rhymin   and it’s trying

when my hearts starts describing how it is   what do i say

why my tongue wont describe it   here’s what i’m trying to say

i’m crazy about you  cant you try and save
the awkward silences
the eager stares

i’m trying to describe you  but my heart wont play

so you know what i’m trying to say?

why do words get in the way
of what i’m trying to say
when my heart starts describing
it gets hard to say

its like my tongue is protesting
it doesnt want to share
all that makes me happy
… ?

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