I disagree with the resilience of the heart. The way that it never actually breaks out of aching or bitter disappointment. The way it stretches itself out to encompass the most enormous amount of love or hate to the point where you feel like it could explode BECAUSE its expanded so much you feel like the tiniest shake and you’d tear a massive hole in its thinly spread lining. And how even when your heart’s full you can always take more and give more and make more room, just that little bit extra. And then something happens and you decide its broken. Your heart that is. Only to realise that it at least is doing the bare minimum – to ensure your survival. It’s beating. The physiology is amazing but the everything else defies sense. Because if it is infact BROKEN you should be dead or inert to real feeling. But then, you’re not.

Because your heart never really breaks. It gets stretched and pulled and pushed and squished and maybe over extended. Maybe it gets a little tear now and then but then it has this annoying resilience about it.So even when you’re sworn off the thing that makes you hurt, even in that moment of solemn promise to yourself where only you’re present in front of your Lord, where you tell yourself you won’t allow yourself the luxury or suffering this sort of pain again, even at that very moment its already feeling the pain of healing.

What is the deal with suffering heart break again and again?

I think your heart should just break ONCE and be over and done with. We can comfortably live our lives with a broken heart. We don’t die of it. You can do everything you normally would except that thing that broke your heartand then you know that you’re in good stead for the rest of your life. Because that thing will never ever break your heart again.

Why does the heart remake it self just to get you to hurt again and again? I disagree.

Seriously – i think we need a reissue on this item.


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