I need…

i dont need an equal
but a mirror to my personality

i dont need competition
i need the sort of quality
that understands my humour
and supports my insanity

i dont need careful
what i need is a mandatory
love for Our Creator
what i want is humility

{i dont need riches
a big heart is plenty
to make me feel loved
and further my qualities}  — thinking of taking this out

i dont need status,  rank or family
to make me feel important
what i want is your energy

patience to develop
what you see is the best in me
discipline to harness
my natural ferocity

and i need your strength
to help weed out the parts of me
dangerous and deceitful
so you get the best of me (?)

i think i need protection
and i need your loyalty

i dont need pretension
just an insight into your humanity

they say that life’s a game
but all i want is sincerity


2 thoughts on “I need…

  1. You’ll find him. I promise you. The wait can seem long at times. I wish there was another way to explain the clicheness I write. You will find him inshAllah. Do your best and leave the rest to Allah.

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