Criticism welcome

i feel like you’re ignoring me
and this pain is soaring in me

i feel like you’re planning your
exit path with every word

i feel like this is not enough
that you can’t take
the weight of love

i feel like you’re walking away
leaving me behind
alone to stay
in side the dreams you helped create

i feel the world falling away
with every glance you cast my away

stop packing up!
put that away!
leave your clothes behind
please, stay

your heart is mine
my soul is shared

i cant survive
no i cannot stay

away from you
without your care

you make me whole
you make me safe

please can you reconsider this?
adjust your stance
take a second look

i understand if you need respite
i can be much…
truth always hurts

i can relate if you want to steer
your own path for a little while
but not for ever
i would die

without your smile
and comforting words

i cant survive without your trust

i need your life and i need your love
i need your calm to navigate the rush
that runs through me day to day
i need your gentle, sparing ways
to keep me sane, to make it clear

how the world is supposed to function
you fix my dysfunctio
dont walk away
i’ll fall apart
dont keep me here
and go away

keep me close
keep me safe.

i need you to
please, stay


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