How to Write with Style

According to Kurt Vonnegut, there are 8 key things us writers should incorporate.

They are:

1. Find a subject you care about.

2. Do not Ramble.

3. Keep it simple.
Agreed! However certain stories want to be told emotionally, emphatically and in a manner so convoluted …

4. Have the Guts to CUT!
True story. I dont write enough to cut words 😛

5. Sound Like Yourself
A rookie mistake, trying to sound smarter…

6. Say What you Mean to say
Same like 2, 3 and 4

7. Pity the readers
hehehe I often think of this actually… so i reread things to see how they sound. I recently wrote an intro for myself which ended up being a most painful exercise! Interestingly. I’m also always ANNOYED by poorly structured intros/narratives. If you want to be heard, be worth listening to!

8. Take inspiration from better writers
By going here:

Full article can be found here:



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