Her obnoxiousness bothered me. I always felt something decidedly pointy in her ‘jokes’. Most people never paid any attention to them because it was always one senseless comment after another. A stream of obnoxious poured out from her and onto me. I was repulsed.

“Dear God, please shut her up”.

On my way home, her words still echoed in my brain. Causing me to replay the incident in my mind. I was annoyed by my own reaction. “What gives?”, I asked myself.

But I knew what bothered me and why. I also knew that she knew it bothered me. So why keep doing it? 

“It’s insensitive and rude!”, I exclaimed over a whatsapp chat with another friend.

“Why should I bother with people who are too obnoxious to care about their friends’ feelings?”, I sighed.

There’s always something about human relationships that leaves me absolutely exhausted. Why do people behave the way they do? Why do I respond so strongly to certain things and more importantly why couldn’t I let go?

I decided to keep my distance. It was better this way anyway. Any closer and I would’ve burst. Spluttering venom causing irrepairable damage.

Days came and went. She invited me out to coffee, a movie and dinner. I declined all three times. Sometimes it just takes longer to get over it.


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