Where is Maryam?

Somewhere along the line I started obsessing about being accurate in my writing. Being measured, controlled and maybe even wise. I think this has prevented me from sharing what I think and what I’ve experienced to date. I also know that I didn’t want writing to be an exercise in self expression alone. I want it to be about sharing something valid, something relevant.

So yeah, that’s what happened. I don’t want a diary style blog but I really crave writing my experiences. Things that happen andn the way I make meaning out of it. It’s something so intrinsic to me, it’s something so natural to me and yet I lack the ability to put it on paper. I have Anais Nin’s diary in my mind and I’m trying to compete.

I don’t want a preacher style blog where I push ill informed opinions out into a sea of misinformation. i want a reflective journal. Where I can tie in pieces of m reliaty with my experiences and what I’ve learned into a beautifully expressed text piece. I want writing to flow from my fingers like energy is expended when I’m in a bad mood.

I want to be known but I want to remain anonymous. I have ultimately shut my self out of the public sphere by keeping this blog out of search engine results for a long time. I’ve got a lot of excuses for not writing it down.

I don’t ever want to review what I’ve written coz to me writing is an expression – unless you’re writing an expository piece. i don’t want to revisit my writing but if I ever do, I’m disappointed. So much of it doesn’t make sense!

I want to follow in the footsteps of these brilliant writers who have struck the right balance between Creative and Expository. In fact, Opinion pieces have always been my end goal and I’ve always wanted to Rock at it. It turns out you need to be informed to have an opinion that’s worth sharing and therefore reading.

Wish me luck!

Muslim Female writers:


3 thoughts on “Where is Maryam?

  1. This whole issue may be outdated by now, but here’s my 2 cents:

    I have the same accuracy issue, though I don’t think it’s ‘obsessive’. And your reason for writing is exactly the same as mine – wanting to share the experiences while bringing out insights / something useful from them.

    I think, though, you should maybe just not pressure yourself at all in terms of standards. Yes, you want to achieve certain things. But if those expectations inhibit you, they’re not worth holding onto.

    Just write freely – for yourself – and let things come naturally. Insha-Allah over time you will improve and learn how to adjust the process in a way that gets you closer and closer to the ultiamte goal(s). But for now, ignore that goal and just go with your gut.

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