There are certain words people over use. They’re generally used to express awe or appreciation for something. Examples, beautiful, yum, hot, gorgeous.

90% of people who get told they’re “gorgeous” or sorry “gowjuz” are not. Same applies to beautiful. Can that many ordinary people look extraordinary, I mean to the point of “beautiful” in 90% of their photos? Ah. No.

And have you noticed how everything is “yummo” these days? Even cheap take away food? I’ve considered querying photo shots on fb many times! Why do people even put it up?! It’s like a further degeneration of an already very degenerated level of human behaviour.

Anyway its enough to make me blog. What words do you think get too much of a mention?


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. These are two very different examples. What is beautiful to someone else may not be beautiful to you, but that doesnt mean that thing is not beautiful. Why do we create these exclusive titles to make some people feel superior to others? Some people will never feel beautiful precisely with the attitude you have.

    Words like beautiful are not overused. They are under used and under appreciated. We have created this hierarchical system which keeps making people feel bad about themselves. Keep making them feel like they dont have what it takes to be beautiful.

    Someone can be beautiful in 100% of their photos, let alone 90%. It depends on where you are looking at it from.

    • You’re right about appreciation and positive talk. But I stand by my point which I feel has been miss understood. When a word is used that frequently it loses its sincerity. Further it’s seldom used to denote inner beauty or strength of character. I actually feel that it’s seldom used to describe real beauty. I think we bandy it and other words about as a quick and easy, expected, run of the mill comments about someone because, well, it’s fb. You have to “like” and comment. I’m not suggesting standard be created, however I am suggesting we give more consideration to our daily language. Aren’t there any more words in the dictionary?

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