Understanding human emotion is perhaps not my forte. I’ll confess that interactions with many spark a curiosity train that lingers long after the event. I can provide examples.

The obnoxious colleague who needs to shake me while saying hello. So many inappropriate elements there I can’t even begin to discuss.

The socially awkward boss whose random and inappropriate comments border on flirtation.

The out of work acquaintance who insists on giving mixed signals but can’t see the error of his ways.

More recently the reality and prevalence of Flirtation between me and women. Oh my goodness. Why, how, who, how long?

Why do we accept so many undesirable behavioural in our daily lives? Why do well impose them?

What’s fidelity? What’s flirting?

Have you happily been in a long term relationship but continued to flirt with other people? Share!


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