Elusive Forever

I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist. I don’t see it around me, I don’t think I’ve met anyone with it. So how did the idea and it’s exact execution get into my head? Why do I see it play out as the constant alternative ending to every interaction and every exchange? I need to work this out.


7 thoughts on “Elusive Forever

  1. Something of the unseen, perhaps. Or maybe it’s just instinctive – and part of the bigger frame of your life – and you’ll only find the reason much later, when the puzzle is formed…

    Whichever it is, may your curiosity be satisfied one way or another…

  2. Hi there, I am a long time listener first time caller..

    I have always wondered, why such an articulate, well educated and well spoken woman as you seem to be, has not yet found what you seem to want, That being marriage. Do you date? Do you meet a prospective guy and scare him off? I mean, Do u come across as far too balsy, outspoken and picky? Is it that perhaps you chase after men who are looking for the opposite of you and you disregard the ones who like you? I cannot believe you have never had a guy interested in you.

    Are u perhap looking for too much perfection? And perhaps you don’t see that u are being too picky or fussy and when/if u voice a list of “must haves” to a man that he then loses interest?

    • Wow Bethany! Welcome! how did you find this blog?
      Your response has wowed me! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
      I need time to respond to it. In the meantime, I hope you’ve not lost interest to continue the convesation šŸ™‚

    • Hahaha Grand! Well it’s good to hear from you. I definitely have evaluated my expectations and the way i approach relationships (all types) and uncovered some truths about myself. I don’t think i can ever answer the question about why I’m still single outside of the explanation that this is God’s will. Doesn’t mean I don’t need to make some changes however, ultimately we plan and God plans and he is the best of planners. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, there are elements of myself that I need to work on however I will meet the person I’m destined to be with when the time is designated.

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