Is Love…?

Does Love reside inside a heart?
does it carry the memories of painful pasts?

Does it enter with permission before sneaking out in the dark
Leaving another hole inside my heart?

Why realise love through the strangest things?
Like when I feel pain…
guess love stings

I sometimes wonder
I mean I ask myself
If love’s just the word
For feelings of hope we don’t give up?

The ones we use to buoy
The strangest curves
The hardest times
the deepest hurts

Is love the expression of this eternal hope?
That provides the light
On the darkest road?

Because if that’s the case
I don’t need this note
To convey this message of everlasting Hope

Coz Love stays alive
Throughout the dark
It’s buried inside the fear of falling apart

It’s Love that leads you on the rocky road
It journeys where
You’d never go

I guess Love springs eternal
In every heart
Coz Love is the beating
of every heart


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