Is Love…?

Does Love reside inside a heart? And does it carry the memories of painful pasts? Does it enter with permission before sneaking out in the dark Leaving another hole inside my heart? Why realise love through the strangest things? Like when I feel pain… guess love stings I sometimes wonder I mean I ask myself […]


Consider, your space the energy around you the feelings you create Consider your thoughts how they originate Consider your words the meanings they emanate Consider, the reason behind inaction the power it manipulates Consider your fears Consider, with an open heart the energy you create

Every time I pray…

Every time I bow my head in prayer and supplicate for those who can’t defend themselves, the oppressed, I end up reverting to supplicating for myself. Because when I reflect on the condition of the defenceless, I wonder if God will ask me about them. I wonder if when I’m taken to account for everything […]

Elusive Forever

I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist. I don’t see it around me, I don’t think I’ve met anyone with it. So how did the idea and it’s exact execution get into my head? Why do I see it play out as the constant alternative ending to every interaction and every exchange? I need to […]