Jummah Mubarak 17 Oct, 2014

There is a reason behind every experiences. There will come a point soon, when you will be able to understand that. Don’t discard the value of your experiences. The beautiful, the torturuous, the confusing are all leading you somewhere. Go there. Jummah Mubarak xo Advertisements

Every time I pray…

Every time I bow my head in prayer and supplicate for those who can’t defend themselves, the oppressed, I end up reverting to supplicating for myself. Because when I reflect on the condition of the defenceless, I wonder if God will ask me about them. I wonder if when I’m taken to account for everything […]

i guess it doesnt make sense but sometimes i feel removed from the world like i’m outside myself or beside myself sometimes it just feels like things are happening around me and i’m not really inside my body to experience them… or maybe its more that i have a very accute sense of my self. […]

a while ago

I wrote this a while ago but didnt feel it was good enough to post anywhere. I’ve since changed my mind – because this is better than antyhing i’ve recently written – ie nothing 🙂 why are words The worst way of expressing what you’re trying to say why do i get tangled up why […]

And to Him is our return

I can’t imagine your heartache I can’t suffer your pain But if a little bit of my heartache’s Akin to a little bit of your pain I pray for you patience For more than you can bear I pray God grants you His Mercy most Divine I pray for you patience For more than you […]