Is Love…?

Does Love reside inside a heart? And does it carry the memories of painful pasts? Does it enter with permission before sneaking out in the dark Leaving another hole inside my heart? Why realise love through the strangest things? Like when I feel pain… guess love stings I sometimes wonder I mean I ask myself […]


Consider, your space the energy around you the feelings you create Consider your thoughts how they originate Consider your words the meanings they emanate Consider, the reason behind inaction the power it manipulates Consider your fears Consider, with an open heart the energy you create

love is

If love’s the conversation,  let’s keep talkingLove’s my consolation,  you can keep the prize If love’s an affliction,  i’ll resist its treatmentLet love be my addiction,  i’m enjoying the high


connection, fleeting or permanenta meeting of heart or mind recognition, of yourself in another you see how your behaviour manifests affection, overwhelming, overbearing weakening your defences with every blow acceptance, deep and eternal caressing your every wound  

Can’t quite say…

I can’t answer when I last looked at you with desire. In all honesty I couldn’t tell you when you last looked sexy to me. All I know is the first time I saw you and my heart skipped it’s first beat and my mind became an oasis full of you. All I now know […]

Soul shutters

There’s something so peculiarly expressive about a person’s eyes. The way they droop, the way they get wide, fixed, shifty, flirty, how do eyes even convey romance? Still, they do. It’s what you don’t tell me about yourself. That’s what your eyes scream. They’re begging for a chance to be understood, they want you to […]

How to Write with Style

According to Kurt Vonnegut, there are 8 key things us writers should incorporate. They are: 1. Find a subject you care about. Hmmm… 2. Do not Ramble. Agreed! 3. Keep it simple. Agreed! However certain stories want to be told emotionally, emphatically and in a manner so convoluted … 4. Have the Guts to CUT! […]