Marriage Part 15 – The Illusion

How sad to heave all your problems on an external entity for resolution. The reason we never consider, discuss or address issues like mental illness or personal happiness and our purpose in life is because we deem these all to be addressed through Marriage. I’ve wondered for a long time why that is. And today […]

Marriage – Part 14 – The One

Oh wow, fourteen posts. Too few or too many? Anyway… My community group is organising a panel discussion on Marriage and what plagues the Muslim population in my local community regarding this issue. So lately I’ve been running through all my past reasonings and justifications for what I deem the “Marriageability Void”. I’m referring here […]

Marriage Part 12: Moving Out

It’s a fairly global standard that requires women to leave their family home when they get married. Traditionally this has been because the man makes the money and the woman goes into his protection and becomes part of his responsibilities. Whilst this hasn’t changed much amongst the traditionalist approaches to marriage the ability of women […]


Why doesn’t anyone ever ask me “Hey, have you built that youth centre you talked about?” Or “Hey how are your fitness goals coming along?” Or “Been published yet?” Or “when are you next on radio?” Or “So, cooking school?” Why do they ever ask me “So, when are you getting married?”